Electric Hair Clipper Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Titanium Ceramic Blade Salon Men Hair Cutting Barber Machine LCD Display (Black China)


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Electric Hair Clipper Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Titanium Ceramic Blade Salon Men Hair Cutting Barber Machine LCD Display


【product information】 Product model: ZX688-2; Battery capacity: 3.7V 500mAh; Charge and discharge time: 2.5 hours of charging, 150 minutes of use time; Unit weight: 0.408 kg; Packing specification: 20.9*19.5*5.4cm; Product voltage: 110V-240V 50Hz-60Hz; Product features: two-speed power adjustment, adjustable tooth pitch of the cutter head, LCD display power.


1. With digital LED display, which can intuitive show the remaining battery level separately by the unit of minute. 2. Titanium and ceramic professional detachable blade, high precision and can be washable. 3. Sharp blade and powerful motor, can trim your hair fast, no hair get stuck and no hurt to your skin. 4. Low noise design, there is no ear-piercing sound, nor disturbing others during operation. 5. Adjustable cutting length blade switch for fine tuning, which can create different hair styles. 6. 4 comb attachments help you trim easier and more accurate. 7. Built-in 2000mAh Li-ion battery, fast charging, after 3 hours full charge, it can be used continuously for 4 hours. 8. Easy to carry, can be used in travel. 9. Perfect for men, also for kids, the elderly, professional barber, and etc.

Suitable For Everyone

intelligent anti-card system, which brings an extremely smooth experience. Easily cope with a variety of hair, smooth hair without leaking, and cut hair faster. ● Low Noise Design

IPX7 professional waterproof

super sharp ceramic blade

“Blade grade” martensitic steel, excellent quench hardening ability, high abrasion resistance and high strength, also used in shell surgical tools. After using for a period of time, the cutter head will automatically grind, so you won’t worry about the cutter head becoming blunt due to long time use.

Nano Ceramic Cutter Head, Ultra Low Noise Smooth Speed Shear

The hardness of nano-ceramics is 1.6 times that of ordinary stainless steel, and the surface smoothness is much smaller than that of stainless steel. Therefore, when the hair clipper is running at a high speed, the ceramic cutter head generates less noise and is less prone to heat. The working noise is less than 55db, which is much lower than the GB standard 70db.

0.8-1.8mm Adjusting Hair Length Adjust Hair length Yourself

USB Interface, Used While Charging

The hair clipper supports plug-and-play, you can continue to use it after half of the power is cut off. The Sharp 3S uses the universal USB interface of most mobile phones. The USB terminal can be connected to common devices such as power banks, computers, and USB sockets to supply power. ● Power Banks ● Computers ● USB Sockets

R-Shaped Round Head, Sharp But Safe

The parts that touch the skin of the cutter head and positioning comb are rounded to ensure the safety and comfort of the haircut process. The hair cutting head is composed of a moving knife and a static knife. The cooperation of the moving knife and the static knife has undergone strict safety design and testing, so that when the hair clipper is in operation, it can safely contact the cutting head. ● Fillet Processing ● Safety Touch

Intelligent System

Selling points to show power and speed control button switch sweat proof handle.

● Ergonomic Design Easy and comfortable to hold ● Touch Switch One-button manipulation ● Breathing Light Prompt Clearly display battery ● Removable Cutter Head Easy to clean

World quality China qualified

China certification International certification China conformity assessment

Customer questions & answers ① Question: Is this clipper completely waterproof? Can I use it for body grooming in the shower? ① Answer: Hello, no, the blade can be washed with water, but the machine body can’t be washed with water, you can use it for body grooming in the shower. ② Question: Anyone know where I can find the charging cored if I lost it? ② Answer: The charging cord is a normal USB type c cable. You can use any type c cable. ③ Question: Does this product still come with blade oil? ③ Answer: Yes, Lubricant oil included in hair clipper kit. ④ Question: Is this a Xiaomi product? ④ Answer: This product is xiaomi ecological chain brand Named ZX688 shipping without Xiaomi package and there is no any xiaomi logo on the product. Thanks for your understanding. ⑤ Question: Does this plug into a regular electric outlet or just usb? ⑤ Answer: Hello, you can use a usb cable to charge it, just like charging a cell phone. ⑥ Question: Is this trimmer ok for a beard? ⑥ Answer: Yes, it’s not super sharp but it’ll get the job done.

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Weight 0.3 kg
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Electric Hair Trimmer04


Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, ceramic

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Hair clipper

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Hair Trimmer

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Electric Hair Trimmer010

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Beard scissors

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Beard trimmer


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